Volker Fitzpatrick

P&R Morson first worked with Volker Fitzpatrick on a project at Windsor House, an office development in Slough, several years ago. The number of projects that the two companies have worked on together since then speaks volumes about the relationship between the two.

Comments Ted Pillbeam from Volker Fitzpatrick:

“P&R Morson are competitive in terms of cost but never cheap. When we get a price from them we know they’ve not left wriggle room for negotiation and we can be confident that there’ll be no hidden extra costs further down the line – the price they give us is what it will take to deliver a quality scheme.

“They’re also non-confrontational in terms of attitude, which makes them easier to work with and ensures any issues are resolved quickly.”

Amongst P&R Morson’s most recent projects for Volker Fitzpatrick is University Square Stratford, a new campus developed in partnership between Birkbeck University of London and the University of East London. P&R Morson were responsible for a £4 million package of mechanical and electrical services on the £33 million scheme.

Ted adds:

“Since we first started working with P&R Morson they have done about one job a year for us and we hired them for this prestigious scheme because we knew they could deliver at a competitive price.”